International Summer Program in Vocal, Music & Theater
(Paris, Rome, Florence, Nice, Athens)

Professor Marika Kyriakos,
lyric coloratura soprano, doctor of Musical Arts in Vocal Performance

Professor Marika Kyriakos – now singing in La Scala Rome or Paris Opera – is no longer a dream but rather a vivid reality. Join Professor Kyriakos on her quest of tracing the history of theater from ancient Greece to Rome, from Rome to Nice and Paris. Professor Kyriakos is an active performer of oratorio, opera, and recital literature in the United States. Her favorite projects in professional development involve studying, teaching and performing abroad. In 2007 she taught and performed in Tuscany, Italy in collaboration with the Lorenzo de Medici school. Finding that her students benefited greatly from the study abroad program, she is determined to continue promoting educational experiences through diverse, multi-cultural learning environments. During the summer of 2008, she traveled to Greece to set the groundwork for a summer vocal training program in Athens to open in 2010. Other recent summer ventures have included leading roles and assistant director with the Rome Opera Festival in Italy as well as studies and performances in Nice and Paris, France.

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From the ancient Greek theater of Epidaurus, to the grand stage
of La Scala in Rome, to Opera de Pari in Paris - road journal:

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