Robert Graves International Summer Program in Literary Appreciation,
Creative Writing & Languages – Deia, Mallorca, Spain

Professor Natalia Farran Graves

Professor Natalia Farran Graves - a truly unique opportunity to be a part of the great literary heritage of Robert Graves, and to view his world and his creative nest first hand in Deia Mallorca, Spain. It is here that the great poet and writer lived and worked. Here, some of his greatest works were born. The classes in literary appreciation, creative writing and languages (Spanish & English) are all taught, by the granddaughter of the greatest poet and writer of our times Robert Graves – Professor Natalia Farran Graves. This personal, family connection to the great poet, makes the summer of literature, language and heritage – ever more so special and unique. Together with Robert Graves’ granddaughter Natalia, who spent a lot of time with Graves and learned from him, the students will discover Mallorca, its special places which inspired the writer, its language, its history and the music of the words. The program supports the literary heritage and donates funds from this summer program to the Grave Museum in Deia, supporting and continuing the great tradition of writing, literature and education.

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Robert Graves Mallorca Summer Journal - photos from the road:

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