Summer Program in Greece, Island of Milos:
Art History, General History, Fine Arts & Culture

Professor Christina Katrakis

Professor Christina Katrakis – a one of a kind opportunity to journey to the mythic land of the ancient gods, to live the history and the myth first hand, to feel the ancient ruins, the legacy of the ancient Greek Heroes and to dwell on the legendary island of Love, island of Aphrodite (Venus of Milo), island of immense beauty and history – Milos. Join art historian and professor of arts, culture and history – Professor Christina Katrakis on this journey to discover magic of ancient and modern Greece. The courses offered are - Art History, General History, Arts & Culture (theater, history, arts, philosophy): Permanent summer program in Greece, on the island of Milos, the home of the legendary Venus of Milo. The program in arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography), theater & acting (ancient Greek theater & plays), music, history, philosophy, art history & archeology (ancient Greek, World History, Early Civilizations, Mediterranean History, Roman History & Art, Mycenaean & Minoan art history & archeology), languages (Greek, Italian, French, German, English), creative writing & literature.

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