Summer Program in Egypt, live archeological excavation dig

Professor Francesco Tiradritti,
Tomb of Harwa excavations,
Luxor, Egypt

Professor Francesco Tiradritti – finally the dream of becoming an explorer is no longer a distant fantasy but a fantastic reality instead. Join archeological program and excavation in the Tomb of Harwa, Luxor, Egypt under the professorial leadership of professor Francesco Tiradritti. It’s a unique opportunity of a life-time to be able to work together with the renown archeologist, explorer, historian and Egyptologist who discovered the ancient tomb in the heart of the mythical Luxor, Egypt. Follow on the footsteps of Carter in your search for immortal treasure of the Pharaohs, feel the legend and the mystery first hand – become an explorer. Make this summer a truly special one and bring back home unforgettable memories of explorations, mystery and ancient wisdom. Be the discoverer, and not just a passive observer of the Egyptian heritage in the museums or TV's History Channel. Feel the ancient dust of time on your face, see the treasures, touch them with your hands and discover new items for the world to behold.

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