Ecological, Cultural and Environmental International Summer Program
“The Poetry & the Music of the Nature” – Deia, Mallorca, Spain

Professor Tomas Graves

Professor Tomas Graves – a truly unique chance to immerse fully into the pristine nature of Mallorca, Spain. To learn about ancient traditions, culture, herbs ad medicinal herbs, organic agriculture, culinary arts, ecology and environmental science. Professor Tomas Graves is the son of the legendary poet and writer Robert Graves. As a professional musician, publisher (printmaker) and writer (an author of such books as: “Bread and Oil”, “Tuning Up at Dawn” & “A Home in Majorca”) , Tomas combines his passion and knowledge of literature and music with his knowledge and love towards the nature, the land, the plants, the organic methods of agriculture, the native organic culinary arts, the ancient traditions and wisdom, the philosophy of the primordial. In a way, Tomas continues his father’s proud legacy, whose love towards the nature and its beautiful power was renown indeed. Join Professor Tomas Graves on his quest of beauty, nature, health, arts and culture combined – to make this planet of ours a better place for all, to value and respect, to share and to partake. The program supports the eco heritage of Mallorca and donates funds to its environmental foundation, supporting and continuing the great tradition of eco awareness, environmental preservation and education.

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Eat, Pray, Love in Deia, Mallorca - photos from the road:

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