The International Academy of Arts was founded in 2005, its first branches functioned in the USA with the summer program in Greece under the name of Kallista Academy of Arts. Recently, in 2014, the academy reopened in a new permanent location. Now based in Munich, Germany, academy once again opened its doors under a new name of – The International Academy of Arts.

Throughout its history, the mission of the Academy was to bring people of all ages and walks of life closer to arts and culture, to build a bridge, to light the flame of passion and learning, and to make its students the main priority of the Academy and its programs: promote their talents, perfect their skills and knowledge, and help them start their successful career. To this day the International Academy of Arts is devoted and loyal to these basic principles, on which all of its programs are based.

The Academy offers base-core courses in culture and arts, all taught in its permanent location in Munich, Germany. Each student must take at least 2 semesters of the career management & base-core courses: art appreciation, career management I & II, studio arts I & II, advanced studio art (drawing, painting, composition), design appreciation, photography appreciation, theater appreciation, music appreciation, dance appreciation, cinematography I, world art history I & II, ancient history & archeology I, world culture, world literature I, language & speech I & II, before being transferred to the Academy’s international branches, assistantship programs and scholarly programs around the world.

Academy offers courses, apprenticeships and possibility of a successful career in the number of fields world wide: studio arts, cinematography, film-making, acting & directing, special effects, advertisement films, documentary film & television, fashion, modeling & design, photography, history, art history & archeology, art criticism, creative writing & literature, music, modern, jazz & ethnic vocal, music (piano), film & music composition, dance & choreography, opera vocal, linguistics, curatorial administration & gallery management, art of collecting (Christies Fine Arts Auction Program).

Academy’s international branches, assistantship and career programs are located world wide, each location is chosen to cater best to the specific field of study: Los Angeles, USA - for special effects and film-making, acting & directing, Sicily, Italy - for history, art history and archeology, Milan, Italy - for photography and advertisement film, Brazil, Mallorca and the USA - for creative writing, New York USA, Nice France and London UK - for studio arts, Berlin Germany - for contemporary art history & art criticism, New York and Miami – for curatorial administration and gallery management & art representation, London UK - for art of collecting Christie’s Fine Arts Auction Program, Johannesburg South Africa - for live-photography, London UK - for modern vocal and music & music composition (film music), Luxor Egypt - for on-site archeology and Egyptology, USA and Cyprus – for opera vocal, London UK – for fashion, modeling & design, Amsterdam Netherlands - for dance choreography & fitness, International branches of linguistic study world-wide as well as the extensive international permanent summer programs in Milos Greece, Luxor Egypt, Deia Mallorca, Paris, Nice, Rome and Athens.

Academy relies not on the bureaucratic institutions but rather on its star faculty - top celebrities in each given field of study, who are members and professors of the International Academy of Arts world-wide. We realize, that the vital key to a successful career for each of our students, is to be given a chance, to study and work under the supervision and guidance of such world celebrities as: Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino in the field of acting, Stephen King, Richard Bausch, Tomas Graves and Paulo Coelho in the field of creative writing, Damian Hurst, Ultra Violet in the field of contemporary studio art, Oliviero Toscani and Roger Ballen in the field of photography, Mary Lambert and Jerome Gary in the field of cinematography and directing, Bernard Hiller Program in professional Hollywood training (film acting), acting and directing and acting, Gloria FX Studio in the field of Visual Effects, Robert Graves Museum and family in the field of literature appreciation and literary heritage, KIWI Art Group in the field of curatorial business, gallery management and art representation, David VanHooser in the field of television, documentary film and script writing, Manfredo Leteo and Giorgio Risi in the field of advertisement film and production, Natalia Farran in modern, jazz and ethno vocal, Tiziana Sojat and Marika Kyriakos in opera vocal, Clarissa Farran in music (piano), music composition and music for the film, Francesco Tiradritti in the field of art history, history and archeology, Alexander Zhembrovskyy, Natasja Lucassen and Marcela Viola in dance, choreography & fitness, Matthew Stephenson in art of collecting Christies Fine Arts Program, Charles Gerhard Rump in contemporary art criticism, Anatolii Kushch in the field of sculpture, Laia Farran Graves in fashion, modeling and design, Christina Katrakis in studio arts, career management and art history. We realize that a reference from any of these stars in their fields, would mean much more then any paper of diploma given by any institution. To become their private student, their assistant, to learn from the best in the filed – such is the vision of the International Academy of Arts and such is the chance with the academy offers to each of its students. We realize that working with the best in the field, offers each student a great chance to subsequently become one of the best. Needless to say, that work with such stars, opens many career doors for our students world-wide.


The International Academy of Arts offers a unique opportunity to each student - to further obtain a successful career and a dream job, after the completion of the educational program in the Academy. Indeed, such a chance is not offered by any institution yet. We work with each student individually, catering to his/her needs and expectations. We guide each student and watch him/her grow and develop. We prepare each student and help him/her begin new career, find a job in a specific field of their choosing. Our mission – is to grow with each of our students, watch them develop, help them shine and realize their professional dreams by offering them a career, making their life-long dream a reality. We strongly feel that the true educational institution must be a mentor, a friend not an aloof spectator, it must help each individual to realize his/her goals, it must support and guide each student towards his/her career, and not give them a mere paper or a diploma with wishes of – good luck in finding a job!

Moreover we believe in personalized method of education because each person is unique in its talents, needs and function. We do not put all people under one measuring ruler, we talk to each student individually and find the best solution for him or her. The Academy does not differentiate between ages, gender, nationalities, religion or race. We work with people from all walks of life, of all ages – beginning at age of 14 and until physical ability of a person can still allow for its intellectual and physical activity. We work with students from all over the world and develop not only their knowledge, but also their linguistic skill of communication and guide them in their further professional education.

The International Academy of Arts’ founding pillars and teaching philosophy, are based on Plato’s Academy vision and on the educational method of Socrates. Thus classes are personal and open minded, live discussion is the vital mortar, which binds the educational system. Our professors are not only mentors but they become acquaintances and friends to each student, knowing his/her name, their individual needs and shaping their skill, talent and knowledge, successfully guiding them on the path to their chosen career.

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